Private Lessons

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Vocal Performance Workshop

This workshop is designed for singers and vocal students who would like to strenghten performance skills.  Areas of focus include (but are not limited to):
Building Confidence
Coping with Performance Anxiety
Microphone Technique
How to Warm-up, mind, body & voice
Communicating with the Accompanist
– terminology,
– counting out tempos,
– intros, endings
– creating basic arrangements
Singing “the story” of the song
The Importance of Clear Lead Sheets in YOUR keys; choosing YOUR tunes, reaching the Audience/Stage Presence

Depending on time structure and other circumstances this workshop can culminate with an actual performance.

For Whom is this Workshop Appropriate?
The participants of this workshop can be anywhere from advanced beginners who have some experience either with performing or have had some voice lessons to working professionals.
Singers who have not performed but feel that they are able to sing with accompaniment and want to try performing Experienced singers at any level who want to improve upon or expand their performance skills or ease on the stage.

Space, tools, and materials needed.
1. Guitarist or pianist who is key fluent and has experience working with singers. Depending on circumstances and location I can supply the accompanist.
2.An appropriate room with a sound system or some sort of vocal
3. Microphone
4. Piano
5. Chairs

I have produced concerts of my students in New York City venues. The experience often proves to be life-changing, extremely rewarding and memorable.

Vocal Improvisation Workshop

This workshop focuses on the art of Vocal Improvisation.  It includes exercises that explore different facets of free improvisation (with no predetermined structure) as well as improvising over chord changes as well as in the context of singing a lyric.  It gives the participants improvisational vocabulary while encourging them to  explore their instrument and discover their their own “language”.  The workshop includes my powerfully freeing “body, breath, voice warm-up” along with vocal exercises specifically designed to open the voice as a spontaneous improvisational instrument.  Some traditional along with facinating extended vocal techniques will be explored.  Logical left-brain thinking will be discouraged in favor of a more expansive, intuitive right-brain approach.

For Whom is This Workshop Appropriate?
This workshop is appropriate for singers who feel “boxed in” and want to expand upon their musical vocabluary and/or open their voices in order to use them more expressively. This workshop can also be geared for non-singers or inexperienced singers. Great for dancers, actors and anyone in the performing arts.



Vocal Healing Workshop

Participants are guided on a journey to their inner selves; an exploration of body and soul in search of their true voice.  We work to uncover years of layers and blocks whether they be psychological, emotional or physical that prevent one from singing out with joy, effortlessness and confidence.  Through the use of guided imagery, gentle stretching and movement, and deep whole-body breathwork we will arrive to an altered state of relaxation which sets the stage to help us search for what’s been “in the way” and attempt to let it go.  We’ll do group “toning” which is a healing form of singing and experiment with other ways in which the voice can be used as a healing instrument. We’ll extend this work into improvisational exercises as vehicles in
which we can practice “turning it loose”!
For Whom is this Workshop Appropriate?
This workshop is for non-singers as well as singers, dancers, actors, artists and performers at all levels.  Non-singers may experience the joy and gratification of expressing feeling vocally from a deep place within.  For experienced singers and singers-in-progress the workshop is loaded with tips and tools for warming-up, increasing resonance, opening and waking-up the voice as well as breathing, placement, vocal technique and improvisation.  Great for singers who feel “boxed in”and would l.ike to start taking more chances and for anyone who would like to find their voice and set it free!

Space and materials needed:  Quiet room either carpeted or with rugs or
mats so we can lie on the floor.